“Heart Gifts”

That’s what Karen calls them.  All the things she gives.  All the things she does.  I’m overwhelmed with all the love.  Don’t know how to handle it.

Karen arrived Tuesday with burgers from my favorite restaurant, Taylor’s.  The best burgers in town from a restaurant my husband and I frequented when we dated over 70 years ago.  She also brought vegetables from her neighbor’s garden.

Since Karen arrived, she’s made macaroni and cheese, tomato soup, guacamole, and cucumber salad.  She bagged much of the food for the freezer to use later.  She wants to know what else I’d like her to make.

She thoroughly cleaned my kitchen, including the floor.

She sees problems and solves them, went out and bought a small doggie bed and a shower curtain liner to protect me and the bed from Jenny’s nocturnal incontinence.

She bought a pole and humming bird feeder and another hanging feeder because she knows I love to watch birds, especially humming birds.   She put the pole in the ground, made the sugar water and hung the feeder.

She did laundry.

She brought me a lovely summer bouquet.

Karen won’t listen to my protests.  “I can do this while we visit,”” she says.

Late evening we sit on the deck watching day fade into night, breathing the sweet humid air and listening to the birds calling to one another through the dark trees. This is Karen’s favorite time of day.  Mine too.

It isn’t like she doesn’t need a rest.  Back in Arizona, she works 12 hour shifts as a doctor in an emergency room.

Karen is a beautiful, compassionate soul who  cares about humans and animals alike. She gives of her whole self.  I love her with all my heart.

Waiting For Karen

She’ll fly here this afternoon.  She told me days ago that she would visit this week, though she and Wil will drive from Arizona for my birthday in July.   She’ll be a blast of freshness in my ho-hum life.  She said we’ll talk and go through photos and cook.  And whatever I want.  She’ll make smoothies and my favorite roasted tomato soup to put in the freezer for later.

When Karen is here, I do things I thought I’d never do again.  One night, after I’d stopped going outside because my wheelchair made it too difficult, I found myself sitting in a recliner on the deck with her, listening to the sweet songs of cicadas and breathing the warm night air.  It was just good to be there.  With her.  I wanted nothing more.

I’m usually uncomfortable when I need to ask someone to do something for me, but with Karen, it’s different.  I know she genuinely wants to help, even enjoys it.  She makes me feel loved and cared for.   And safe.  She stirs my heart with the big spoon of her love.  She’s my niece, but couldn’t be more attentive if she was my daughter.   She sends me care packages, flowers on special days, brings gifts of things she knows I like.  When she’s here, she looks around for things that need to be done and does them, doesn’t wait to be asked.

I know there’s a special place in Heaven for Karen.  How grateful I am to have her in my life!






A New Beginning

It’s long since my last post and I must learn all over again how to construct a web page.  I apologize and hope readers will be patient with me.  This seems like a good time to start a new site because I’ve lost the thread of continuity I thought I previously had and I definitely feel like a newbie.

As the years go by, I have lost the ambition or the desire to write and that saddens me because writing was once my life.  But so often the words I want or need elude me and it’s hard to make my true meaning known.  Also, I don’t have the stamina or the patience I used to have.  I hope this will be a place where I can take up writing again while sharing experiences with other folks.