Living Together

Chris has a bedroom, music room and bath.  I have a bedroom and bath.  We both watch  TV in our bedrooms.  We share the rest of the house, but mostly, by choice, stay in our respective rooms with our dogs.  Once in awhile, we and our dogs sit in the living room or the sun room for a visit.

He has a job.  I do chores at home.    Monday mornings the housekeeper comes.  Tuesdays Helen does my hair at my home.  Once a week I order groceries to be delivered.  Chris and I talk briefly in the mornings before he leaves for work and late afternoons after he returns.

Our menus differ and we eat at different times.  We each fix our own meals.  On weekends he buys a lot of vegetables and I roast them during the week.  This is mostly the only food we share.  We both love vegetables.

He plays the harmonica and the guitar.  Sometimes watches a movie on TV.  I watch TV, mostly old sitcoms, Turner classic movies or the MSNBC news.  Sometimes I read.  Or write. Or watch the birds.

This way of life suits us.  We find it comfortable and relaxed.

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